Friday, April 9, 2010

Baking Block!

As the title says it all ...i am suffering from a major baking block since past 2 weeks ....reasons are lil one is MashAllah growing up and getting more demanding by the day ....its just too hot in the wisdom tooths been giving me a hard time...blah blah blah.....excuses schmuses

but il be back very very soon as i have a few requests for cupcakes and 3 birthday cakes in the coming days which I HAVE to execute since ive promised to deliver .... i guess i am just a bit overwhelmed as well.

Lets see how & what i deliver :) for those who want to know what ill be doing in the next few days here's a peak into my schedule as per now ....

10th April -  Loooong time due ...Barney Cupcakes for a friend's sons
11th April - Pink Fondant covered Choclate fudge Cake with vanilla frosting .....Princess Belle on top (2D)
12th April.. A sweet husband wants me to make set of 9 charmed cupcakes .....according to her wife's fav and their special moments sweet right :)
16th April . my kid brother's 18th bday ...he wants me to make a coconut cake ....
21st sister office collegue's bday and they want me to make a CAT themed cake...

phew phew phew.....i am tired just by thinkin abt them ;) lets c what i end up producing ,,,,

Wish me Luck!!!


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