Saturday, March 17, 2012

Angry Birds Cake

This cake i made for a friend's daughter Merab who just turned 1. A 6 pound 8 inch chocolate cake tunred out just amazing and everyone enjoyed :)

I have not been baking alot these days, since I have as always put myself in too many things that I can handle. I however, do feel that there is never too many things unless you are not planning them right. and yes i must admit i am failing at the planning part mostly. In my defense i have a job that driving me insane and by the time i am done tackling with the job, baby and hubyy and the house i am dead and have generally lost the will to do much of anything. *sigh*

Anyway so with this project, I knew i needed to plan well in order fot the execution to be how i wanted it and I did! and for once i actually did follow my plan :D

Making a cake this intricate requires atleast a week long preperation. Began with doing inventory or materials and made a list of things i needed to but. It took me 2 days to prepare the fondant, one day the icing and ganache. One day before the cake was to be delivered I baked 3 8inch cakes, frosted them and put them on the board to refrigrate overnight. Took me whole of the next day to just decorate. Its a LOT of work i tell you.

I was glad with the results and a happy customers is always the cherry on the cake :)


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    1. Yeah, this is so cool. I love Angry Birds, Ouu Mesh your Blog is amazing.


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