Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Year, new plans and hopefully some regularity on this blog:)

Im going to start this post by giving some lame excuses, yup lame lame excuses to why my baking has suddenly taken a back seat and also as to why this baking blog became more of a photo blog!

well to begin with, i fell into the trap of "baking to orders", which is very very easy to fall into, since ppl are more than willing to pay for the goodies and who doesnt like sum dough! so when i started doing tht my focus moved from actual baking to fulfilling orders, and between toddler running after, house hold chores, a part time job and baking to orders, i stopped baking for pleasure which is where it all had originally started...and i lost sight of my goal! good thing is i realized what was happening and have more or less stopped taking orders! phew (not that i will never bake to order, i will in a year or two, with a proper infrastructure n all [God willing!])

secondly, i needed to shed off some weight and trust me this baking business is quite fattening literally! see the thing is if i bake, some1s gotta eat it ....right! and since my mothers side of the family is forever watching their weight and hubby side of the family is nt that elaborate ...blah blah .....honestly when i bake i cant resist whatever i make and end up eating at least, if not more 80% of it! sigh sigh sigh ....So i decided to put a big full stop on my mouth (and baking endeavors) and successfully lost arnd 10Kgs!! am i kool or what ;) :) so now thats done, i am starting again! hence two of my new years resolutions are literally contradictory one loosing another 10 kgs and another being more regular at baking lets c what becomes of that by year end 2011! hopefully i'd be able to achieve both .....fingers crossed
well that’s all for my lame excuses...for now at least :) hopefully the blog will be more active in the coming not with more excuses but actual baking ;) :)

see you next year.....byeeeeeeee


  1. We always have ew hope and new aspirations for the new year. But these somehow get lost in time and dust. Let us wish less and smile more.

  2. true that, still gotta have some goals :)

  3. Hope ........ its what keep us moving.


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